Working on an Island


So, you’re all wondering what it’s like working on a small island such as that of Seychelles. Well, there is only one word from my perspective ‘Limited’. A group of us are constantly fighting over limited job positions and being the best on paper does not even cut it here as we also have a high rate of Nepotism. You are having to fight with your friends and classmates over limited job opportunities which are presented and if you do get the job you have to be ready to also face the difficulties of dealing with people’s attitudes especially if they know your family or just the basic run of the mill discrimination.

My country has a lot of beauties, but working in Seychelles is not one of them especially for new graduates. Entering a workplace where there are mostly women is probably the worse thing that happen to an individual because Seychelles women are unstable from my point of view lol. You have to choose whether to go to Public or Private sector and for most times there are limited job opportunities in the private sector as they usually hire expats to take over the upper positions especially in Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Just imagine being a New University Graduate with a degree and you are so optimistic to enter the workplace and learn a trade and build your career.


Then, you apply job after job only to be rejected or not even considered at all because they all ask for 4 years of work experience (how do I get experience if you don’t give me a chance). Anyway, it’s tough but most of us are strong and that’s what I love about my people, we are fighters. We complain a whole lot, but generally hardworking if given the chance.

However, it is not all negative as we do have some amazing chances to impact a small amount of people. Once you get a job, you are part of a family and you are exposed to so much which you would not think is possible in an already small country lol. If you work hard enough you gain a lot of training and get to go for courses and build yourself up and I assure you can make a good life for yourself.

Our small country would not be what it is if it was not for tourism and that is what has helped to keep our currency stable and prosperous in it’s own way. After tourism, our economy would not survive without fishing and we export some of the best canned Tuna. In the past people would just go fishing to feed or support their families, and that cultural aspect is still there but people mostly fish commercially or for fun. So getting jobs in these two sectors is quite beneficial and guaranteed to be successful if you can take on the challenge.


Another great thing I think you should also know about Seychelles and it’s workplace is that most of the time especially in the Public Sector, women are in control or in charge. We are a Female-dominating society in almost all aspects and that is clearly evident in the workplace around the country especially in position of power. That is something about my country of which I am most proud, but the power and creole (culture) attitude together can be hard to tolerate lol. But I strive to be a Powerful Boss Bitch  in the future and take our country to great heights.

Front view portrait of three mid adult businessmen and mid adult businesswoman

BUT, never fear at least we have Fridays to look forward to 🙂 lol

Confused Island Girl



Friday in Seychelles :D

In respect that today is the first Friday of this month November 2017 I thought I would write a post about what life is generally like on our beautiful Seychelles island on this day. So, i’m guessing you’re wondering what we do on a Friday here on the island since we don’t have malls and clubs. Well, it’s simple WE DRINK and a lot. Generally, Friday is a day where we get loose and catch up with the people (friends) we don’t get to see during the weekday. It’s probably the happiest you will see people on the island, specifically the main island Mahe cause it’s the end of the working week and beginning of the weekend. There are a few main spots to find people on a Friday afternoon; the beach, the jetties, bars, casinos and the famous Friday Victoria Bazaar.


You guys should know that Seychelles is actually the producer of one of the best Rums I have ever tasted called the ‘Takamaka Bay’ with its many flavors and our locally brewed beer called ‘Seybrew’. The majority of locals and even tourists enjoy the taste of both locally produced drinks and I can personnally vouch for the Rum (espacially the coconut rum) as I am not much of a beer person like my friends.

But, all in all the mood on Friday is what we live for as I would assume is similar everywhere around the World. The most famous spots you will find majority of people on Friday nights is a Bar/Restaurant called Boardwalk Bar & Grill which is found on the beautiful Eden Island and is actually NOT  a club but is treated like one lol. After 10pm around Eden Island you can find people dancing it up, drinking and just generally living it up for a bit. It is somewhere a lot of tourists hang, cause let’s face it there are limited places after 10pm to hang at in Seychelles, but this place is amazing to hang at.

the-boardwalk-bar (2)

My general Friday is meeting my friends, being extra happy 🙂 lol cause I know I’m about to drink and pass out the whole day Saturday (that’s not true cause I have a creole mother). But, yeah after work i hang with my family until like around 6-7pm and I go home and make myself pretty and go hang with my friends which I will call ‘Morals’ and ‘Mango’ which I will explain soon. We generally go to Boardwalk for Happy Hour and Morals’ best friend which I will call ‘Trouble’ always tags along and she is one of my close friends now as well. When we are there it’s basically laughing, lurking :D, dancing and all around madness. Finding friends like the ones I have is extremely rare & I love them ❤ and I tell them as much I can lol.

That is generally our Friday on this beautiful Island of ours with not much to do but share a drink (and smoke) with your fellow resident, friend and foes lol 🙂 and for a second on Fridays we forget that life can be bloody miserable.

Until Next time

Confused Island Girl



Hello There

My name is Kella 🙂 I am from the beautiful island of Seychelles. This is an inside view of the life of the general Islander, specifically a little picture of what its like to be a permanent resident on one of the smallest islands in the World, which is also considered the smallest country in the Africa. Seychelles is found alongside some of the most amazing of islands including Madagascar, Sao Tome and Principe and Mauritius. Don’t bother trying to find us on the World Map, we’re just a dot in the Indian Ocean as seen below.


I should also add that Seychelles is made up 115 Islands, with Mahe Island as the main and biggest Island, Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette, Felicite and many more. But, out of the total 8 or 9 Islands inhabited by people Mahe Island is where everything happens from Shipping, Parties, Shows and most dramas lol 😛 The other major island is Praslin, with about 8 thousand habitants and one of the most quiet of island around from my point of view. La Digue is where my family comes from, it’s the Fourth biggest Island where bicycle is the main form of transport.


                      LA DIGUE

What is it like to live on one of the smallest islands in the World, where we produce nothing and have no malls. Well, growing up on an island with only 93k people has its ups and downs as you would eventually find out. The Beach becomes your best friend along with your actual best friends lol. Swimming, bathing suits, sand, slippers and short are our go to things, and let’s not forget about Fish. Loving fish for most of us comes naturally cause its our delicacy and how can we not when we are surrounded by water as seen in the picture below. One of the greatest activities is fishing, and I am yet to meet a Seychellois (Seychelles Habitant) who does not know how to clean and cook a fish, it’s part of our DNA lol. Same can go for Coconuts which are the best fruit ever to exist from my point of view 🙂 lol. Coconut trees everywhere around the island just makes Home more Home.


Another aspect to consider living in Seychelles is that when you actually leave it and discover the wildness and dazzle of city life you start growing bitter for it, and this happens almost every time. But, the moment we are away from the sanctuary that is our island we miss everything about it; the people, food, freedom and peace 🙂

Now, most people who don’t reside on our little island might see pictures and jump at the opportunity to come visit or live here. Pause for a second and listen 🙂 IT IS EXPENSIVE. Remember the part where I said we do not produce anything, well the result of that is that we import everything and it becomes wildly expensive. For every islander, we complain and cause havoc but we are use to it. We do not live a demanding life where we face extreme costs, most of us live with family cause we are mostly close knit with our parents and because we are such a small island we share and support each other a lot even through just carpools.

Along the way you will get to know about my broken down blessed confused life 🙂 in this place I call my Home and prison. I hope to share with you some Islander Humour as well which might not be that funny but hilarious in my mind lol 🙂

However, all in all life is a constant run around cause you never know how to feel about being a permanent islander.

But, if you want to know more stick around and learn the ins and out of being a Seychelles Islander 🙂 I shall leave you all with a picture of my cute boyfriend below….


Confused Island Girl